Our values

Environmentally friendly from distribution to waste management

40 people work on site, some of whom are second or third generation. All strive to fulfil the same aim: to extract, check, bottle and deliver to you a pure mineral water with natural qualities that are identical to that which flows from the spring.

“Water that gives backs to nature”

Abatilles Water is especially aware of environmental issues. It constantly seeks to reduce the footprint of its activities and tries to give back to nature what it has been granted.
For several years now it has committed to reducing its overall consumption of water and electricity, down 40% compared to 2008, and today only pumps 25% of the total volume allowed by the local authority (2014 figures).

“My water, my region”

Abatilles Water has an identity that is intimately connected with its origins in the Arcachon Basin and is defined by the relationship  it entertains with people in Aquitaine. To display how it proudly belongs to the Arcachon Basin, the Abatilles spring has a committed partnership with the brand B’A (Bassin d’Arcachon).


This philosophy is also expressed in the policies governing raw material sourcing and the distribution of our finished products.
In both cases, we strive to reduce the C02 generated by our transport operations and seek to contribute fully to local business.

“Drink, sort more and live better!”

At Abatilles we know what impact our business has on the environment and especially the damage that plastic can do, so we have taken action and adopted the right reflexes in house.

  • Sorting bins in the plant
  • Regular decrease in the weight of plastic in bottles and caps
  • Financial contribution to the recycling of PET* bottles through the Eco-emballage (*PET: polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Only raw materials made in France
  • Fully recyclable bottles and caps, recovered and recycled

Sorting is cool, recycling is a winner!