The Abatilles baby bottle

Encouraged by the popularity of its range of still and exquisitely sparkling waters in “bordelaise” bottles, Abatilles has launched the small 33-cl glass bottle.
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“This launch meets a consumer’s need that we did not satisfy hitherto”, explains Eric Conté, manager in charge of marketing the Abatilles brand in hospitality channels.

Abatilles water in “ bordelaise” bottles reminiscent of those containing great Bordeaux wines is now available for lunch and dinner in good restaurants throughout south-west France and more and more in Paris. However, there was no other time of day, when the product could be enjoyed for example in cafés, bars and on terraces.

This has all changed with the arrival of the little 33-cl glass bottle, identical to but smaller than its larger brother.
Discerning drinkers can now drink Abatilles water at any time of day, still or exquisitely sparkling, chilled or at room temperature, as it is or with a slice of lemon, a hint of cordial or why not an Abatilles mint julep! 
Let Abatilles bring a little sunshine into your day!