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Abatilles mineral water is all the rage!

Thus declares the local daily “Charente Libre” in an article describing the local image of Abatilles water and its persuasive association with Bordeaux wines

Do you know the difference between mineral water and spring water?

Mineral waters must guarantee a consistent and stable mineral content.

The Abatilles baby bottle

Encouraged by the popularity of its range of still and exquisitely sparkling waters in “bordelaise” bottles, Abatilles has launched the small 33-cl glass bottle.

Bordeaux Marathon – 3 days to go


On Saturday, Abatilles Mineral Water will quench the thirst of the 18,000 runners of the Bordeaux Marathon scheduled to start at 8.0 pm, keeping them on top form and feeling great!

Robert Parker tastes Abatilles…

Robert PARKER retweets ABATILLES!

"Fabulous mineral water from #Bordeaux - please import to USA"


"A long-time favorite is @Badoit_fr. A newer one, Abatilles, from Bordeaux, is also a very pure, gentle sparkler and just tasty"

Explore the fabulous Arcachon basin

Deep in south-west France near the Arcachon Basin surrounded by beautiful ocean, beach and pine forest landscapes, Abatilles natural mineral water has been drawn every day for almost a century from a depth of 472 metres (1,548 feet)