For the second time running, Abatilles has been designated as Vinexpo’s Official Water, a partnership that gives the brand worldwide visibility.

At the same time as enjoying a strong regional position with national ramifications, Abatilles made its first steps towards international recognition at Vinexpo 2015 and is now exported to supply a dozen markets.
Vinexpo 2017, as well as soaring interest in Premium Waters, will enable Abatilles to develop its outlook and do business with another ten targeted countries.
After decades of being underestimated, mineral water is finally making a name for itself.
In just a few years, the premium waters have gained recognition as an indispensable component of gastronomic meals.

Like wine, they are increasingly tantalising the curiosity and appetite of consumers, who can now appeal to a growing population of specialists, such as water sommeliers, to find out more and enjoy all the subtleties of these very sought-after waters.
Still and sparkling Abatilles Mineral Water has joined this category of grand cru waters by meeting the different criteria that set them apart.