Guaranteed pure and light

Zero processing and continuous inspection

Every two hours, we carry out internal tests in our labs.of water from different sampling points: underground, as the water emerges, tank, bottled finished product, glass bottles, etc. As well as these tests, we also store reference samples for each production run in our water sample library for two years and send samples to an outside lab., CARSO.

The risk of PET components diffusing into the water is also tested for. The tests are conducted in ovens and attest to the absence of such migration, even in conditions of prolonged high temperatures.

Every two months, public authorities represented by the Regional Health Agency perform independent analyses in French Ministry of Health certified labs.

Abatilles water with its natural qualities and purity undergoes no treatment or processing of any kind before being bottled. Unlike spring water, mineral water must guarantee a consistent and stable mineral content. This guarantee of stability and purity implies running a whole range of physical, chemical and microbiological tests every two hours in our laboratories.
On top of these internal tests, the public authorities carry out their own every two months.

Natural mineral water is one of the most tested products in the food industry.