Bordeaux Marathon – 3 days to go


On Saturday, Abatilles Mineral Water will quench the thirst of the 18,000 runners of the Bordeaux Marathon scheduled to start at 8.0 pm, keeping them on top form and feeling great!

About 30,800 bottles of water will be served in total at 16 refreshment points, in the village and on the Marathon’s relaxation areas.

Proper hydration for best performance

When we exert our bodies, we sweat, which is a physiological response enabling us to reduce excess heat and maintain a constant internal temperature. A runner can thus lose up to two litres per hour, which diminishes neuromuscular performance and hinders exchange mechanisms in the cells. It is therefore vital to compensate by taking water regularly in small 10- to 15-ml doses at every refreshment point.

Water should be drunk before the exertion begins and continue regularly during and after the event.